Every Company Has One...Does Yours Suck?

May I ask you a question?

If I were to ask you, “What do you think is the biggest challenge your company faces,” how would you answer?

Considering recent world events, that question may appear to be loaded with many possible answers.

Notice what a recent study uncovered. This study found that  87% of HR experts consider employee retention among the highest priorities of a business.

Perhaps, you would agree…

Coupled with the understanding that four times the profit can flood your bottom line with a slightly higher retention rate-keeping those who have signed up to join your company mission has never been more necessary.

But, you knew this already!

You see, we understand the importance of maintaining an army of loyal and hard-working employees. Employees ready to work a bit longer for a teammate behind in assigned tasks or come in on a day off to cover for a critical project. 

However, what keeps people glued to the cause of your brand and aligned with its identity. What keeps your staff willing and ready to go the extra mile?


And, when it comes to building a company culture (that doesn’t suck), first impressions matter!

Immerse Your Company Culture Into Everything

When I think about being dumbfounded by an impressive first impression, I think about the Philadelphia Eagles Professional Football organization. (Fly Birds! Fly!)


I’ll never forget the first time I visited the Philadelphia Eagles “Linc” in South Philly.  It was very apparent I was in the Land of the EAGLES. With nothing but a slight glance and the Philadelphia, Eagle green came screaming at me. ( and from every direction)

From a polo shirt, windbreaker, or coffee mug. banner, pen, or notebook. The Eagles brand was visible. This was true whether I was in the back-office, front-office, or parking lot.

Proud was the overall feeling I got from people during that visit. Every person ( and I do mean every) I came across was enthusiastic, happy, and hard-working. They felt it a privilege to represent the Eagles organization. Proud to be part of something great.

Now, that is a company culture worth imitating. 

Do you notice the simple approach the Eagles took to astound onlookers and build a company that their people were proud to be a part of?

Once they established their identity, the Eagles spread their values and culture wherever they went. They did this through Eagles SWAG, or as some say, “Merch.” You know, the polo shirts, banners, and the branded order book used by the café waitress.

You see, people no longer desire to work for a company to obtain a paycheck. The new generation of workers esteems a sense of belonging. They seek a fulfilling attachment with an organization that matches their values.

Oh, and they love useful SWAG.

Bond Identity with Company Culture Through Branded “SWAG”

You care about your business and for those you work with. How else could you have attained a position of leadership and influence?

So with this understanding, we know that rock-solid and engaged company culture has many parts. And, rarely does a single approach work for every type of business. So, if you notice there is room for improving your company culture-It is not your fault.

Culture is a crucial and yet sometimes elusive target.

But, we are here to provide genuine help. Through our years of delivering a concierge business “merch” service, we have experienced how companies like yours have created “sticky” cultures. Company cultures that indoctrinate their values in their entire body of staff.

Take a look at these targeted strategies used by other companies:

  • They have branded welcome kits with working supplies to solidify new employment relationships- Showing the new hires they are glad they are a part of the team.
  • Other businesses have had a batch of premium branded t-shirts for a company party made—also a good choice for volunteers, picture day, and gifts.
  • You can try branded notebooks and pens throughout your company—a perfect way to combine practical branding and reinforce group identity.

Your needs may be a little different. Therefore we invite you to give us a call. You can enjoy a non-committal phone session to uncover any opportunity for enhancing your company image. Perhaps you are looking to unite your employees with a culture of collective strength and focus. An online message will reach us too. Click here and tell us a bit about your organization.

A concierge will respond to your inquiry promptly-showing you just how to stimulate your own marketing efforts with our proven Swag Kits.